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  • Virtual Backlot

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    • Today, the Stargate Virtual Backlot (VB) is the best low cost alternative to shooting on location. Unlike traditional green screen cinematography, VB offers fully immersive environments to shoot establishing shots, multiple angle coverage, walk & talks, and driving.

      Developed and branded in 2002 by Stargate Studios, VB offers producers the freedom to create scenes anywhere in the world without having to leave their local stages. Stargate's proprietary VB techniques to acquire and composite location footage allows the director the freedom to cover actors as if they were actually shooting on location, saving significant location expenses and production time.

      In the last 6 years, most of the major film and television studios have used the Stargate Virtual Backlot for more than 165 feature, television, and commercial productions, including Universal/NBC, Disney/ABC, Viacom/CBS, Paramount, Warner Bros., UPN, CW, HBO, TNT, SYFY, and FX. Today, 12 major television series are using VB on a regular basis.

      Stargate's Virtual Backlot includes proprietary imaging and storage technologies, the VB Library, and VB Live for real time prevision and compositing.


    • To meet the growing demand to find low cost alternatives to location shooting, Stargate Studios has developed the "next generation" stock footage library which specializes in virtual environments and customizable stock "locations". Branded by Stargate Studios in 2002 as the VIRTUAL BACKLOT (VB), the VB Library allows actors to literally walk into pre-shot footage -- as if they were actually on location – without ever having to leave town.

      Already a proven success in broadcast television, the VB "immersive environments" Library is beyond anything available in today's stock footage market. Hundreds of hours of immersive footage has already been acquired from multiple locations and successfully used by more than 165 feature, television, and commercial productions. Currently, 12 major television series are using VB on a regular basis. The cost model is so compelling, television networks are actually "reverse engineering" creative content based on what is available in the VB library.

      In short, the VB library and production techniques developed by Stargate Studios are changing the way producers shoot their shows. Through aggressive development and marketing, Stargate plans to continue dominating the television market, establish similar dominance in the commercial and feature film markets, and open up new markets worldwide.