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    • Stargate Studios

    • Founded in 1989 by Sam Nicholson, ASC, a distinguished cinematographer and visual effects supervisor, Stargate Studios is an international production company providing concept development, advanced production services and state-of-the-art postproduction. Stargate has a well-established, award winning reputation for producing high concept production and visual effects in feature films, television, and commercials.

      Over the years, Stargate has developed and refined a diverse array of proprietary production tools, personnel and capabilities including live action film and HD production, the Virtual Backlot, VB Live (real time compositing), CGI, digital compositing, matte painting and on-line HD editing services. The Virtual Backlot, utilizing VB Live, is one of the best, low-cost alternatives to shooting on location and offers fully immersive environments to shoot establishing shots, multiple angle coverage, walk & talks and driving. The Virtual Backlot Library includes hundreds of photo-real virtual environments from most major cities around the world.

      Stargate's clients are primarily from the feature, broadcast television, and commercial industries. In 2010, Stargate provided production and visual effects services for 4 feature films, 2 MOW's, 18 Television Series (176 Episodic TV Shows) and 4 commercials. Currently, the company is working on some of television's most popular shows, including The Walking Dead, Touch, Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy. Past efforts include visual effects for 24, ER, Heroes and CSI.

    • In addition to its offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, Berlin and Atlanta.  Stargate's international partners include Labyrinth in Mumbai, and The Bigger Picture in Malta providing a "turn key" solution to film and television production and visual effects worldwide. Discussions are underway to establish global visual effects alliances in the Middle East.

      Each Stargate Studio is built upon the company's proprietary work platform called the Visual Operating System (VOS), which enables artists, supervisors, producers and clients to seamlessly interact from any location in the world. This unique network allows Stargate and its partners to operate on a 24-hour daily work schedule, delivering a superior product quickly and more efficiently.