Film production is just one of many industries that have had to adapt so people can go back to work in person.

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With Travel Limited, Hollywood Looks To ‘Game Changer’ Tech

ThruView technology, with the help of leading video game engine technology, allows productions to recreate locations on a soundstage.

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Virtual Filmmaking Takes

Center Stage In Reopening Hollywood

New Virtual Technologies Remake VFX's Future Pipeline

VFXV   |   Visual Effects Society  

For Stargate, for those visual effects that can be done in real time, it’s about bringing them right on set, and making them part of the filmmaking process. 

Virtual Production: Stargate Studios Creates Final Pixels On Set

Spotlights  |   Unreal Engine  

Virtual production has brought back the in-camera effect and promises to bring visual effects from a post-production process to the set.

Sky’s Patrick Dempsey-Fronted Financial Drama ‘Devils’ Sold To 160 Territories By NBCUniversal

TV News   |   Deadline 

Patrick Dempsey stars as the charismatic American CEO of an international investment bank.

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