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Insert Stage
& Production Services

The Stargate Studios Stage in South Pasadena has been home to a wide range of projects — from major studio features to small scale commercials. Companies such as Blumhouse, Sony, Universal, ABC, Disney, STX, and The Henson Company have utilized the Stargate Stage for reshoots, pick-ups, and full-fledged productions.

The insert stage is supported by camera, G&E, data ingest, production offices, and crew support depending upon our clients' needs. 

Small Stage. BIG Results.

Shot on the Stargate Stage

Make Believe (directed by Sam Nicholson)
Client: Sony / Angenieux / BandPro

576 square feet 

24' L X 24' W X 14' H

Parking lot available for crew and filming

Stage Features


LED Walls & Playback


Green & Blue Screen


G&E + Camera Gear


Production Offices / Editing Suites

Parking / Internet / AC

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Crew Assistance

Book the stage.

Stargate Studios

1001 El Centro St.

South Pasadena, CA


Phone: 626-403-8403

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