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Virtual production is only as impactful as the content that plays on its LED screens. The team at Stargate Studios has traveled the world photographing unique backgrounds to fit the needs of our projects.


Whether it's thousand-year-old Japanese shrines or the beaches of Puerto Rico, the highways of LA or the asteroid belts of Mars, Stargate combines decades of cinematography experience, revolutionary new tech, and the skills of 3D artists to generate any environment production may require. 

2D Custom Plate Shooting

Many of our clients prefer custom plates for their projects. Stargate delivers unparalleled, two-dimensional backgrounds for static or kinetic scenes. 

Screenshot 2023-02-28 113915.jpg.webp

Camera Rigs

Land, sea, or sky, Stargate designs specialized camera rigs for any location, activity, and condition.

Driving Plates

Employing stabilized Ronin heads on all of our driving shoots provides "smooth as glass" plates for driving virtual production playback.

Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 12.18.03 PM.webp.webp


Our clients receive GPS-tracked routes and detailed logs of plate content for reference and review.


Our Stargate tech team enhances, processes, and stitches plates to ensure the highest quality playback for any LED wall, on any set.


The Virtual Backlot

Explore the largest library of existing plates shot specifically for virtual production.

3D Asset Creation

When a project calls for a three-dimensional background that can move with the camera, Stargate engages its team of talented Unreal artists to generate photoreal or imaginary worlds of the highest caliber. Employing LiDAR, NeRF, and AI technologies with photogrammetry and modeling techniques, the team at Stargate delivers beautiful 3D backgrounds and assets.

Case Study: Japanese Shrine

image (1)_edited.jpg

LiDar Scan

The Stargate plate team travels to Japan and LiDar scans the ancient temple, creating billions of data points. They take tens of thousands of photographs for photogrammetry. 

image (2).png

Interfacing & Texturing

Back at Stargate, we use specialty software and a discerning eye to match the photographs to the data points. Eventually, they are connected and the model now has texture.


Polishing the Asset 

The in-house Unreal Engine artists at Stargate clean up and perfect the model, readying it for use on Sony's LED volume. They add tree movement, birds, and other details to give the model life in the game engine. Atmospheric weather is added and lighting is adjustable. 

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